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nhi-mu teatro aereo

Selva Fox

Selva Fox ( Director, Actress, Aerial Instructor and Visual staging)

She is one of the founding members and director of Nhi-Mu. Her approach to improvisation and her intuitive nature makes her staging a masterful combination of the emotionality in the  form and amasement. Whether she is staging an aerial piece, object theater or a children’s show, these are always filled with a sense of play with focus on the audience experience and where the actors/performers are invited to experiment with the vulnerability of creation.

At the helm of Nhi-Mu for 25 years, the group has since inspired and grown in its constant ensemble culture and inclusion, both in the arts and in social endeavors in which culture and art are -though sometimes invisibles- an invaluable essence.

Pato Masera

In 1997 she co-founded the Aerial Theater Group Nhi-Mu( She was awarded  with the B’nai Brith award for excellence in Theater in 2006; that same year she was also awarded with a Fulbright Scholarship to North Carolina School of the Arts, where she obtained her MFA in Performing Arts Management. After graduating in 2009, she worked both in Asuncion, Py and New York, US, establishing residency in the latter in 2012. Since then she has been working as an Associate to Fred Gallo, technical director for several Broadway Musicals and president of PRG Scenic Technologies. Her most recent projects include, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, NYC and San Francisco, King Kong, Live on Broadway, Phantom of the Opera, Asia Tour, MJ, the Micheal Jackson musical and Funny Girl. 

Patricia has continued to explore theater and its creative aspects;she is still involved with Nhi-Mu as a consultant and grant writer. In 2018 she started developing a site specific project with Julia Cavagna, OYA(Obligation You Are) that premiered at El Bastion, in San Juan, Puerto Rico in January of 2019.  The show was later repriced in NYC that same year. In 2021, she worked with Nhi-Mu on Kaos: Mujeres en Residencia and is currently developing work for the company’s 25th anniversary working as artists in residence of the Oklahoma International Dance Festival in July of 2022. 

Fatima Fernandez

Fatima got her BA in Directing at Escuela de Arte Dramático in Argentina. She is an actor, producer, director and acting coach for film as well as a theatrical teacher. She has been part of Nhi-Mu since 2005. She is the creative force behind the documentary theater project “ Ahata Aju” and it premiers her first play in 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her latest directing shows include: “ Parana Pora”, by Maruja Bustamante, “ Travesia: Viaje 3” for Nhi-Mu and in 2020 she directs “ Ahata Aju, Capítulo Paraguay” under unprecedented Covid conditions, streaming live theatre. 

For film she has worked as an acting coach in “Leal” and as an actor director on “ Pedro Juan dos caballeros”, both films produced by Hei films. In 2021 she was the general producer for the international artistic residency “ Kaos: women in residence”, a project that had the support of Iberescena. She is currently acting in the play “Tres tigres tristes” by Vinicius de Souza, and directed by Guada Lobo. 

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